I suffer from dorsal musculoskeletal pain. Earlier today, this LinkedIn post from Derek Deprey caught my attention. So, I decided to share it with you word for word.

If you are on LinkedIn, you can see the full post via the link at the end. Again, this some information I am sharing. I hope you find it beneficial.

Having back pain is just as common as working from home these days. Over 80% of adults have suffered from some form of back pain – especially if you spend the majority of the day sitting behind a computer screen. Here are ✌ easy exercises that you can use to relieve yourself of those aches…

1️⃣ Windshield Wipers (do these for about two minutes, three times a day) – Lay down on your back and put your arms out in a “T” – Bring your knees together – Rotate your legs from side-to-side

2️⃣ Legs to The Wall (do these for about two minutes, three times a day) – Lay down on your back and get as close to the wall as you can – Put your legs against the wall – Relax your arms to the side, palms facing up.

The combination of these two stretches are a must-have for anyone suffering back pain or for those who want to prevent it.

Do you have back pain?

What are some tips you use to remedy it? Share them below. 👇

Check out the original post on LinkedIn.

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