In my early years, I have had experiences about career choices that I wish I didn’t have. I listened to and blindly obeyed [perhaps well-intentioned] people who gave me “reasons” not to pursue certain career paths that were of interest to me.

About a decade ago, I decided to do something different whenever I have career choice conversations with students. I decided to share a different message that is not based on my own biased perception about certain professions or careers.

Instead of telling a person who is considering a particular profession or career not to pursue that, I asked them “why” they are interested in it. Then, if necessary, I encourage them to do some research about it very early on. I also encourage them to connect with someone who doing that type of work for a living.

So, it is my firm belief, that we should not discourage someone from pursuing a certain career path, solely based on our own assumptions and points of view.

What is your approach when it comes to career choice conversations?

What types of advice do you give to someone who is considering a particular career path?

Encourage children, especially girls, to pursue the career of their dreams. Don’t dictate. Don’t discourage. Provide guidance. Their dreams/ideas can lead to concrete and amazing things that will be greatly beneficial to our world.

Watch Dr. Wendy A. Okolo in the video below, speaking about her career paths.

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