Marian University’s 2019 Model U.N. Conference is now in the history books.

For the past few weeks, I had the distinct pleasure and honor of working with 6 brave college students (warriors), 3 fellow alumni, 14 high school educators, and countless fellow Marian staff and faculty in order to make this learning experience possible for 120 Wisconsin students from 10 different area high schools.

These high school students prepared themselves and remarkably played the role of diplomats from 70 countries, addressing 4 real-world issues during their respective U.N. committee simulations, and made resolutions, based on their own perspectives as problem solvers. You would be amazed by their level of knowledge and interests in global affairs and their sense of leadership.

Many years ago, I was given the opportunity to consider administrative roles in higher education (TRIO-McNair Scholars Program), despite the fact that all my post-secondary education has been in business-related fields. I didn’t know where that career turn was going to take me, but I took my chance. I quickly discovered that I can combine my academic backgrounds with my professional interests to help make a difference in the lives of both college and high school students.

Although it was circumstantial, I can never forget that my unconventional journey as an educator began 19 years ago, on the beautiful hills of my lovely #Fermathe, Haiti; in the classrooms of my former high school.

Certainly, in the process, my work in higher education has opened doors for other opportunities in human/organizational development fields through speaking and training at a variety of conferences, through podcasting, via online radio, via social media endeavors, etc.

Over the years, I have also been honored to serve on the board of prestigious organizations in Wisconsin and beyond. As write this reflection, I realize that all these organizations have one thing in common. They prioritize the growth of every individual then ultimately, the advancement of communities. That’s what I believe in: micro then macro.

I am the product of the efforts by many great people in Haiti and in Wisconsin. They have shown me the way (“in so many ways” 🙂). I am forever thankful. I feel blessed beyond measure for the opportunities to contribute to the lives of others. I am happy to give back. Yet, there is a lot more to be done.

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