I recently decided to create this group on LinkedIn. My goal is very simple: help Haitians connect with one another, regardless of where they are located.


If you are on LinkedIn, please join the group. If you are not on it and you would be interested, consider joining LinkedIn and follow #HaitiansOnLinkedIn. At the same time, if you are not on it, and don’t care to join, I am very interested in knowing your reasons.

This year makes 10 years since I joined LinkedIn. It’s been nothing but my most amazing experience on social media. I have not focused on having thousands of followers/connections. Instead, my primary focus has been to keep on taking advantage of the personal growth and learning opportunities that it offers.

LinkedIn is quite unique in terms of purpose and concept. It is rapidly growing and it is unparalleled. I want to keep on taking advantage of what it offers. Do you want that as well?

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