I do not know the name of the plant in this picture. Based on how and where it grows, it can be classified as a weed. I would be surprised if people use it in a bouquet.

This past Thursday, while I was touring one one the local colleges with high school students, University of Wisconsin Fond du Lac, I spotted many them on the campus lawn. I got closer to see what they were. I could tell it was some wild flower, or weed if you prefer. I then realized that the fact that I was so close to it, I got to see the full beauty of it.

I also couldn’t help but to think that very soon those flowers will be gone when the folks in charge will mow the lawn. With that in mind, I pulled out my cell phone and snapped this picture you see in this post.

My reflection about this moment is very simple. I firmly believe that our world can be a better place if we put these words into application.

“Train your eyes to see beauty where
it is not often perceived to be.”

In the same manner, if we train our heart and our mind, we can see the good within others.

#Wisdom #Nature #SeeGood #Heart #Love #LoveOneAnother.

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