Do you check your phone or other electronic devices several times a day, to make sure they are charged? Do the same daily for yourself. Recharge your battery spiritually, mentally, physically, intellectually, morally, emotionally, and materially. #LifeCultivator
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Recharge Your Battery

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Reflection – What If Everybody Did That?

This is for your consideration. Earlier today, the book reading video indicated below was shared/played at my children’s school. Of course, the message targets young children in an effort to help them build character as they grow up. As I watched it, I quickly realized that messages of this sort are not only for children of a certain age range. […]

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Easy Way to Reduce Back Tension

I suffer from dorsal musculoskeletal pain. Earlier today, this LinkedIn post from Derek Deprey caught my attention. So, I decided to share it with you word for word. If you are on LinkedIn, you can see the full post via the link at the end. Again, this some information I am sharing. I hope you find it beneficial. Having back […]

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Hello Leaders! New Podcast Project on Leadership

Check out my podcast, Hello Leaders!, on Anchor: It is a podcast that provides opportunities for leadership development reflections, analyses, as well as tips for leaders working in various types of organizational settings in today’s world. It is available on multiple platforms including Google Podcasts and Spotify. Listen to it and share your feedback with me.

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Value Life Today; Not Later

Video in Haitian Creole by Myria Charles What matters the mos is how you live your life today. Live well with others. Love people. Do all you can while you can. There is a day when we will no longer be able to. How do you live your life? Ce qui compte le plus, c’est comment vous vivez votre vie […]

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Being a Life Cultivator

Twenty-two (22) years ago, a Thursday night like today, that United Airlines flight landed at the Outagamie County Regional Airport in Appleton, Wisconsin with a group international students (including me) among the passengers. I was that teenager who left my family for the first time in order to pursue a life-changing educational opportunity. On that day, my post high school […]

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Some Positive News About the COVID-19 Crisis

There is little doubt that today’s world is experiencing major social and economic crises caused by the recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19. Those crises are certainly complex on a global scale. It will take a long time before we will grasp the full effects. In the midst of it all, there are some positive news that are, unfortunately […]

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Quality Will Always Matter

As I was reflecting on a few situations in both my personal and professional life, the thoughts of quality came to mind; quality mindset in particular. Having a QualityMindset is not only for those who are in top leadership positions. Everyone who is part of an organization should carry out his/her duties while being mindful of how actions and decisions […]


My Parents’ Role in My Story as a First-Generation College Graduate

On Friday, November 8, 2019, I went to work, wearing this sweater which reminds me of Marian University’s then McNair Scholars Program. Across the U.S. and some of the associated territories, McNair Scholars Programs helped prepare college students in the pursuit of graduate degrees. Frankly, I made that decision to wear the sweater not even remembering that the day was […]